Richard Moss

  • Assistant Professor
  • Harrisburg Area Community College

I am Assistant Professor of History at Harrisburg Area Community College Virtual Campus. I teach mostly online and feel like I'm about in the 75th percentile of my colleagues in Virtual in terms of tech knowledge. I'm not hiding Easter Eggs in my courses, but neither am I uploading a Word file and calling it a course. I'm honestly not a techie, but I can impersonate one.

My high score in Galaga is whatever it was when the demo that I was pretending to play started over. I was pretty good at 1942, though. I very much enjoyed Nicholas Carr's article in the Atlantic a few years back, and the idea that information scarcity is no longer an issue has completely altered my teaching and expectations for students. This has put me at headbutting odds with some colleagues, which is a story that could quickly get very confessional/ranty, so I think I'll stop now.