5 Responses to Workshop Proposal: Creating a Comprehensive Public Research Library in Zotero

  1. Profile photo of ppowers ppowers says:

    This looks great, David and Beth. Question, do people need to come with a Zotero account set up, or is that something that can happen at the workshop?

  2. We will proceed based on participant needs. If some participants want to sign up for Zotero but have not yet done so, I’ll provide that instruction. It is a short procedure so it won’t take much time from the session.

  3. This sounds very interesting. I generally use Mendeley [because it has better PDF handling capabilities than Zotero, although Zotero seems better at extracting metadata from websites so it's probably a wash], but do have a Zotero account. Is there a reason you went with Zotero over Mendeley?

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