THATCamp Harrisburg will begin on both Friday and Saturday morning with registration beginning at 8:30.  The first session each day will begin at 9:00, with Friday’s opening session including a talk and discussion with William Pannapacker, columnist for the Chronicle of Higher Education, on the present and future of the Digital Humanities.  Pre-scheduled workshops will be on Friday and that schedule will be posted soon.  Saturday will function as an unconference with sessions determined by participants.

The working schedule is set as follows but subject to change depending on interests and concerns of participants:



9:00—Opening Session–Welcome including Introductions and Organizational Business.  Opening Talk and Discussion with Bill Pannapacker on the Present and Future of Digital Humanities


10:45—Workshop/survey Session I (“Zotero” & “Open Source Software”)

12:15—Break for lunch

1:15 —Workshop Session II ( “Intro to GIS,” “Intro to Omeka,”)

2:45—Workshop III (“Digital Storytelling,”)

4:15—Closing organizational session (I’m thinking that possibly we could use the last half hour to get a head start on setting up the unconference aspects of the next day)—I.e. See what sessions have been proposed up to this point and go through a process of seeing which would draw most interest. While finalizing this the next day.

5:00—End Day I


9:00—Opening organizational session finalizing the unconference–Currently proposed sessions include:  Envisioning a Digital Harrisburg, IT Processes and Library Assessment,  Assessment of Student Digital Humanities Projects (requested), Digital Humanities in the classroom (requested)

9:30—Dork Shorts–Currently submitted:  Cinemablography (Colleen Dente/Fabrizio Cilento–student/faculty project from Messiah College film program), Using Voicethread in the classroom (Gladys Robalino and Amy Ginck, Messiah College Spanish professors), Submrge–Going deeper with gaming (Jeff Mummert, HistoriQuest)


10:45—Unconference session I

12:15—Break for Lunch

1:15—Unconference session II

2:45—Unconference session III

4:15—Closing Common Session

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