Intro to Omeka Workshop

Omeka is a web publishing platform used by archives, librarians, museums, and many others organization. It is used to to organize, describe, and display digital images, audio files, videos, and texts. The websites are visually appealing (many themes feature responsive design), and you can create exhibits to tell the narrative of groups of items.

In this introduction to Omeka, you’ll learn how to add images, audio, video, and text to your archive, how to arrange items into collections, and how to create exhibits. We’ll also go over the difference between and self-hosted Omeka sites, examples of pedagocical uses of Omeka, and discuss the Dublin Core metadata standard for describing digital objects.

To bring:
1. Laptop
2. Sample materials (several images, pdfs, and audiovisual files)
3. An Basic account (free) – sign up at

Handouts (complements of Miriam Posner) available at:

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5 Responses to Intro to Omeka Workshop

  1. ppowers says:

    This looks great, Zach. So glad to have this proposal. I wonder, do you think you’ll be able to get enough in in one session (we’re probably looking at 90 minute sessions, though we’re debating that a bit this week). Don’t want to presume to much of you, but we could maybe make it in to two session if you think that was warranted.

  2. Ken says:

    A two-tiered introduction, working from zero knowledge up to metadata and a small “test” product would be be fantastic. I was disappointed to see no Omeka sessions at the Philly THATcamp, and would sign up for this in a heartbeat.

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