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We’ve got a great line-up of things developing, but we still need session proposals, workshops and dork shorts. ┬áCheck out some of the samples below, or those on the Propose tab, then give us your own ideas for some sessions that will create good conversation or develop new skills.

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  1. Don O'Hara says:

    I propose a session to survey the “state of the union” as far as using OSS (open source software) to help teach the humanities. Start with definitions of terms (“what is it”; “where is it”; “how to I get it/use it/tweak it”), then list some of the primary categories of OSS available, with examples of the best (and how to judge OSS). Work on a task-based matrix of what OSS would be good for what purpose, and why (or why not). Have many examples of OSS ready to “play with”. Perhaps a session on installation / configuration / modification / administration) with some quick-to-install LAMP OSS. (I have a spare linux server accessible and available for use).

  2. ppowers says:

    Don, can you post your session proposal as a separate post. When you are logged in, go to the banner tab that says “+New” and click on “post”.

  3. Digital Storytelling in the Humanities

    Stories were once the primary medium for sharing knowledge and culture. Stories captivate our senses and excite our imagination. Today’s digital technologies allow us to bring the medium back into prominence by allowing media convergence, social interaction and audience (learner) involvement in the story.

    Join this session to explore technologies, strategies and resources for story creation, student interaction and games in education.

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