Workshop Preparation

For those of you who have proposed workshops, please make sure to direct campers to any handouts, downloads, or other materials necessary for participation. Please post them as responses to your proposal post.

If you haven’t yet proposed a workshop and would like to, please feel free! There only cutoff is when the event starts or when we run out of workshop space.

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Workshop – Digital Storytelling in the Humanities

Stories were once the primary medium for sharing knowledge and culture.  Stories captivate our senses and excite our imagination.  Today’s digital technologies allow us to bring the medium back into prominence by allowing media convergence, social interaction and audience (learner) involvement in the story.
Join this session to explore technologies, strategies and resources for story creation, student interaction and games in education.
Facilitators: Charles Palmer and Andy Petroski
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Propose A Session or Workshop

We’ve got a great line-up of things developing, but we still need session proposals, workshops and dork shorts.  Check out some of the samples below, or those on the Propose tab, then give us your own ideas for some sessions that will create good conversation or develop new skills.

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Intro to Omeka Workshop

Omeka is a web publishing platform used by archives, librarians, museums, and many others organization. It is used to to organize, describe, and display digital images, audio files, videos, and texts. The websites are visually appealing (many themes feature responsive design), and you can create exhibits to tell the narrative of groups of items.

In this introduction to Omeka, you’ll learn how to add images, audio, video, and text to your archive, how to arrange items into collections, and how to create exhibits. We’ll also go over the difference between and self-hosted Omeka sites, examples of pedagocical uses of Omeka, and discuss the Dublin Core metadata standard for describing digital objects.

To bring:
1. Laptop
2. Sample materials (several images, pdfs, and audiovisual files)
3. An Basic account (free) – sign up at

Handouts (complements of Miriam Posner) available at:

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Applying IT Processes to Library Assessment Needs

I haven’t yet attended a THATCamp, so I feel really under-qualified to propose a session. Having said that, I have a strong interest in ways to apply IT processes to library assessment needs to facilitate collection development and weeding. I would love to discuss some of the applications I’ve found and to learn more about how other library professionals are doing this.
I’ve been working on a number of assessment projects in which I found it very helpful to apply the concepts of:
• Chunking
• Iterative processing [Implemented using saved queries to apply auto-assess criteria via Millennium Create Lists]
• Batch processing [i.e. Rapid Update via Millennium ILS]
• Parallel processing
• Asynchronous processes
My experience in applying these processes has been using the Innovative Millennium ILS, but I think the theories are applicable to any robust ILS.

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Call for Participants/Proposals THATCamp Harrisburg

We’ve posted a Google doc CFP if you need some copy to send to friends.  Get the word out!  We’re working on some good workshops that will be posted soon.  We need some good session proposals and dorkshort suggestions.

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William Pannapacker to be featured at THATCamp Harrisburg

So very excited that William Pannapacker of Hope College will join us at THATCamp Harrisburg on Friday, October 25th.  Bill is well known for his regular blogs and column in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and for his advocacy for the Digital Humanities at small colleges.  Details are still being worked out but Bill will likely have a featured session on Friday morning focusing on the present and future of the Digital Humanities.

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Why THATCamp Harrisburg?

Why THATCamp Harrisburg?  THATCamp Harrisburg seeks to bring all of the professional development opportunities THATCamps typically afford to academic and other humanities professionals in the Central Pennsylvania region and beyond.  In addition,  THATCamp Harrisburg will give us opportunities for new conversations and relationships, which in turn will lead to collaborative partnerships that will benefit our region as well as the larger academic and public humanities communities.

THATCamp Harrisburg 2013 will be October 25-26, 2013, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We hope to see you there!

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